Sunday, October 08, 2006

flat back case binding

if you want the basic, most well known style of book, then you have the flat back case binding. it's a very sharp looking style that you can still be very creative with. you can do a variety of things with the actual textblock with colors, and lining. you can also create beautiful headbands, or add ribbon bookmarkers. the cover can be done in a whole variety of ways ranging from you basic scrapbooking paper or bookbinding clothe, to specialized handmade papers and embossing. in the end you are always pleased with the final look and sturdiness of the book.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

japanese binding

this is a great binding style. i've used it for a few wedding sign-in books, and it is also great for a cute little picture book. this book is fun because you can bind it almost anyway you like. you can add beads and buttons to the binding, or even nails and sticks. i like to use bookbinding clothe or wallpaper for the hinge on the cover to create a very strong surface. the rest can be covered with anything from a magazine paper, scrapbook paper, a music sheet, or wallpaper. this book with the pioneers was made with a magazine picture that i then covered with mod podge to seal. the looks you can do are endless.

Friday, October 06, 2006

coptic binding

coptic binding is unique because you can see the braided binding up the spine and connecting to the cover and the back. this technique is fun because you can play with the binding's placement along the spine and even on the cover. this cover can be personalized with paper, embellishments, and even embossing.

paper case binding

here are a couple of examples of books you can make using just the paper case binding method. they are fairly quick to make, and can easily be personalized and jazzed up with the color of the binding or the design of the cover. paper case binding is primarily used as the sewing method for the textblocks in hard back books, but as you can see, they can stand on their own if not covered.