Sunday, October 24, 2010

And a little bit of pixie dust . . .

I love Halloween! This only happened after I had kids and found a love of making their costumes! Here is a little sneak peak of this year's:I can't even tell you how much Jon has made fun of me because of these shoes. They were an ugly pink number that I bought from Marshall's which I then made worse by spray-painting them green! Luckily, after snipping off a strap, and sewing some ribbon around the worse part of the ugly, and then a giant pom and the rest of the ugly, we have Tinkerbell's shoes! (Jon says we could have bought the Walmart version of Tink's shoes for cheaper, and where I agree with him on that point, it's the principle of the matter!)

More pictures to come!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Thanks for the Idea Pottery Barn!

I love Pottery Barn. They always have the cutest things, but frankly, as students, I just can't afford basically any of it! That when I love stealing their ideas! It's nothing new for me. If you recall this post on my family blog, you see I steal their ideas often! So when I saw these Halloween treat bags:
I knew I had my next project! Jon loves sharks, and I loved these shark bags and that was it!
Here's my version of the treat bags. I have a tendency to try once, figure out what I would like to do differently, then do it again! (that's why I have 4 bags and only 2 kids!)
This is the one I made for Sevy in honor of her Tinkerbell costume (that I still need to make). I loved the pink bag in the above picture, but Tink is all about the green, so this was my take on it.
I had to get red felt for Teik's costume and I had tons extra and was itchin' to make a strawberry bag! you can't really see the detail here, but there's buttons for the seeds and my favorite addition--the little strawberry attached! Sevy will probably end up using this bag because she likes it too!
These were my first attempts and I love them! I learned after these that I need to double up the handle to make it sturdier, but other than that, they crack me up! The kids naturally love to put them on their heads so that the sharks are eating them! If you haven't checked PB kids, they also have a shark costume that is awesome (check it out here), but I'm not that adventurous in sewing!

Felt bags are super easy and super cheap (as compared to buying them). I think I made all four of these for under $10 total--and that's with enough material to make probably 4 more. Not bad for a little crafty project!