Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the skirt

i helped my sis-in-law with her first sewing project found here. The pattern was so simple and hers turned out so cute (check it out here), that i was itchin' to make my own. when ashley and i made hers, we thickened the waistband to like 3-4 inches so that she could wear it with a thick belt. i did the same alteration on my own. for my fabric, i used some purple broadcloth, and then layed this great black polka-dot lace over it. i sewed it just like the instructions called for, but in the end, i added about a yard of elastic to the bottom of the skirt to make it a bubble/tulip skirt more that the full skirt it called for. i love it! i want to find some sweet black tights with the seam up the back to fully finish the look!

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Lorin and Liza said...

It looks so cute but I want to see it closer up. I want you to know that your Gran is very proud of you!
Love you, Aunt Liza