Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Christmas Projects

My favorite part of Christmas is the crafting! We did homemade Christmas this year with my family, and I love making things for the kids as well!
I saw these felt robots on Pinterest as well as my friend Julie's blog and knew I had to make them! I originally made one for Deckland (the big one in the middle) but the kids saw me make it and decided they LOVED it, so Jon thought I should make two more. THEN he thought Sevy's should be cow-inspired since she LOVES cows. Needless to say, that added a lot of time to the project, but they turned out too cute!
The kids LOVED them!
I had Candice for Christmas and made two of these aprons for her kids (the oven mitt was for my niece's birthday, who also received an apron!).
And this is the apron and oven mitt I made for Candice and Drew.
I actually love how the apron turned out, but the mitt is what I'm super proud of!

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