Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recent Crafts

I always get the urge to craft during the Christmas season! I was looking through the Downeast catalog and saw this skirt and thought I could totally make that! Here is my take on it:
I've been loving the glamorous hair thingies that are all the rage right now (and have been for a bit) so I finally added a hair clip to this broach I found at a consignment shop like 6+ months ago! I felt very dolled up wearing it!
I have my brother Shawn for Christmas, and my mom mentioned making these shoes for his daughter Aviel. The pattern was originally sold in the 50's I believe and they were super easy and fun to do! I really hope they fit her!
Now I have some fabulous black polka-dot lace that I need to decide what I'm doing with . . . any suggestions?!

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Candice said...

I wish you had me for Christmas. Those shoes are way more than awesome.