Friday, January 07, 2011

How does your garden grow . . .

When asked what I LOVE about Houston, I can honestly answer year-round gardening! Today was gorgeous, and it's suppose to cool down this weekend, so I figured it was high time I attacked my much neglected garden!
Here are my radishes that I've left a little too long in the dirt! They are now each the size of my fist!
For some odd reason, I have the greenest thumb when it comes to tomatoes! My two longstanding tomato plants looked dry and dead and still I pulled two good-sized bowls of eatable fruits off them (oh, and a couple of pea pods I didn't pick yesterday!)! Too bad I don't like tomatoes!
And for the crown jewel of my garden! I grew broccoli! Isn't it gorgeous?! We are going to cut it and eat it for dinner on Sunday and Sevy is stoked! She wants to do the honors! While I was weeding my sad neglected garden, I also found little bundles of spinach I planted with the broccoli! That was a fun surprise! It seems to be doing alright, if not a little small! Ahhhh, the joys of gardening!

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Monika said...

it looks amazing....come help me with mine! :)