Sunday, April 24, 2011

April Crafting!

Easter time means Easter dresses! I stole the inspiration for Sevy's dress here, but being unwilling to spend the money, I figured I could make it myself! With the help of a Butterick pattern that I've had for years, I had the basic muslin dress, then added 8" strips of tulle folded over and gathered spiraling around from the bottom up, using lighter shades of purple until we got to the white layers on top! I took long strips of tulle (3 colors) and braided it for the belt, just tying a knot at the end of the braids. The head bow, I just gathered a strip of tulle into a flower, added a rhinestone brad to the center, and hot-glued it to a clip. Easy breezy. I love the belt, I love the skirt, but not sold on the top. Oh well! Maybe I'll fix it, or leave it as is!
Here is my work in progress. This is the quilt for baby #3! I got the pattern here, and love her (V and Co.) work! I have the back done now also, I just need to iron, layer, quilt, then bind. I'll post the finished product soon!
Backing, front, and my self-quilting attempts!
My sister-in-law Torrie has got me addicted to Thimble Blossoms quilts. She has made a few and they turn out ridiculously cute! For this quilt, I used the pint-sized pattern #129. Granted, my fabric choice is slightly out of control, but I love the way it turned out! I made it for my best-friend Kalle. If she hates it, I'll forgive her!


The M's said...

oh my goodness! Awesome, awesome and more awesome! You are so very talented.

Tiffany Meagan said...

WAY cute Dress!! So, next time I send you a link to a dress pattern, I'll look at it more in depth... I was looking at it and ya, sorry. Not as cute as I had hoped. I ended up just making the skirt into a bubble and using a different pattern for the top all together. The quilts are amazing! You are crazy talented!

Torrie said...

Your quilts look great! I love how you decide to do something and just go for it. And I can see you taking apart Sevy's dress to re-do the top (even though the whole things looks adorable). It will look amazing either way!

Monika said...

you're so crazy!!! lol. so cute.