Thursday, May 05, 2011

Starting May with a BANG!

My sister Brandi is pregnant with baby #7, and I sadly realized I have never made her anything for her babies! I've had the cutest fabric lying around and decided it was high time she got an "Aunt Kat" quilt! This pattern comes from this book which I LOVE. It has a lot of cute baby quilt and other fun craft ideas! I'm lovin' on the backing fabric too!
Here is a slightly better picture of the front. One day I'll take photo's of my quilts on something other than my unmade bed!
While looking for fun fabric flower ideas I came across this blog and instantly fell in love with these flowers! I made them into hair clips, but you can also stick them on headbands, pins, pillows, or really anything! Give me fabric and felt and I am a happy camper!
Here is the collection I made. I did have 2 green ones, but somehow they disappeared when my son thought my craft desk was a good place to play instead of going to bed!
I'm slightly obsessed with certain colors of felt! I honestly don't remember where I came up with this idea. I believe is was a picture my sister-in-law sent me and I played off that. Anyhoo-I've had this done for months, and finally this week stuck it on a headband!
I LOVE how it turned out. Perfect for my five year old!

Projects in queue: Mother's Day gifts for Primary, Hounds-tooth quilt (just quilting and binding left), baby shower favors (just need to picture and post), baby shoes, dress for Sevy, and comfy dress for me!


Seachickens76 said...

You go girl! I am so impressed with your crafty energy. I have a list a mile long of things I want to make but can't quite get my preggosaurus behind off the couch!

Seachickens76 said...

I didn't realize I was signed in under Brent's google account. It's me, Torrie! :)

ash+kris said...

LOVE that quilt!!! The colors and everything!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!