Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shoes and Signs

With so many babies about to enter our family (both Jon's and mine), it's made me very crafty! I found this Simplicity pattern and I knew I had to make these shoes! I'm hoping these will be cuter on, but I love the fabric, and as long as my baby really is a girl, she will be sporting them!
So, I doubt these will actually stay on a baby, but I loving how cute they turned out! I skipped a lot of steps (fusible felt, and jiffy grip) because I figured babies aren't really going to be walking anywhere and baby shoes are all about the look anyway!
I was at a consignment shop one day and I found these awesome letters! I got a ton of them (at a whopping $.25 a pop), and have been trying to decide how I'm going to use them. This is my first finished project with them. The board is a cabinet door I got from IKEA's 'as is' department for $1. The letters were a total of $1 for Sevy's name. The clips were the most expensive costing me a total of $3.76+tax. And the screws we had at home. We are currently working on Sevy's room, so this will go up when we are done!


Torrie said...

Seriously, knock it off with all your crafty efficiency! Can I send you some of my many crafts-in-waiting so you can finish them too?! You inspire me but I'm too lazy right now to act on it. :)

Monika said...

ADORABLE bows and quilts and everything else! You're amazing!!